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Ultra-light aircraft with Freedom Flite 

Since 1993 Terry Mayhew has been building and flying Challenger Ultralight aircraft. His workmanship has won awards at the Muskoka Air Show. The award for “Reserve Grand Champion” was presented to Terry by astronaut Chris Hadfield. “It was a satisfying accomplishment and very rewarding to receive this presentation from Chris Hadfield,” states Terry.

Terry’s interest in ultralights has developed into a full time business. “Freedom Flite” is located at 1211 Gravenhurst Parkway at the Muskoka Airport. As a professional builder and a Challenger factory authorized inspector, Terry specializes in ultralight and homebuilt aircraft fabric recovering, sales, repair and assembly. In addition Freedom Flite manufactures and sells Challenger accessories such as the interior heater, interior and exterior aircraft covers, finlets, stainless steel tie-downs and skis.

In 2001, Terry bought the design and the manufacturing rights for the Challenger ‘Back Forty’ landing gear. It is an after-market product which is made of high quality materials and is a superior design. The Back Forty spring suspension landing gear is made from 4130 aircraft grade steel. Orders and inquires have been received from Canada, United States and New Zealand.

What is a Challenger Ultralight Aircraft? It is a STOL aircraft which means it has the capability of short field take-off and landings. It is a recreational aircraft that can be used 12 months of the year with the use of skis or amphibious floats as well as wheels. It needs only a 300 foot runway for take-off and to enhance sightseeing, it can fly slower than a conventional small aircraft. With a lower stall speed and gliding capabilities, it makes the aircraft safer and a pleasure to fly. Upon building completion, the aircraft must be inspected by a factory or Canadian dealer authorized person. Terry is factory authorized and can perform the required inspections.


Ultralight Community Expands at Freedom Flite (Gravenhurst, Ont)
Freedom Flite Expands

There is good news for the ultralight community. "Freedom Flite" has expanded to a new location. Owner / operator Terry Mayhew has opened a 3200 square foot assembly / maintenance hangar at the Muskoka Airport (CYQA). Now you can drive or fly in for ultralight aircraft service.

The 40’ x 80’ assembly and maintenance hangar includes ultralight sales and service, fabric covering and painting and certified inspection of ultralight aircraft. With his 18 years of award-winning craftsmanship experience, Terry looks forward to this expansion of his business.

New and used ultralights and homebuilts are available for sale. Assembly of ultralights, in particular the Challenger Advanced + Basic Ultralight, continues to be the foundation of “Freedom Flite”. Terry has gained an outstanding reputation for the recovering and painting of homebuilts and ultralights. This includes Champs, Taylorcraft, Citabria and Challengers.

Thorough and exacting maintenance includes items such as fuel repairs and installation, kit modifications, fabric repairs, manufacture and installation of Back 40 gear legs and skis, float installing and a complete inspection programme.

Terry is a certified Challenger inspector who prides himself in meticulous workmanship. The added convenience and availability of this new location at the Muskoka Airport (CYQA) is important to flying business. From the 18/36 runway, Freedom Flite is located off the Alpha taxiway in the blue hangar. From Gravenhurst Parkway, look for his signs at the side of the road and on the hangar. Tiedown locations are available, in addition to a 20’ enclosed trailer for aircraft ferrying.

Bill Wright of Orillia who is an owner of a 2003 Challenger U/L C-IBDV, states, “Terry is a very thorough, experienced craftsman. I appreciate the way he does things right.”. Bill is enjoying flying an aircraft that Terry has built and services. Another enthusiast, Elton Townsend of Lake Central, compliments Terry on his ability and his craftsmanship with excellent attention to detail.

Who can fly an ultralight? A person requires a pilot permit which includes ground school, in-flight instruction and a government exam. To enter the world of ultralight flying, contact Terry Mayhew at Freedom Flite (705-645-8679) or cellphone (705-687-3033) or go to www.ultralightassembly.com or e-mail: terry@ultralightassembly.com