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We offer many products and accessories for your ultralight.
For prices and more information, please contact Freedom Flite

Aluminum Gas Tank

adapted for the "Back Landing Gear"
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Back 40 Gear Leg
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Instrument Panel

We can customize to your specifications.
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We have covers for fuselage, prop and wings.
For pricing
contact us.
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Heaters and Fuel Drains
Price: $375.00 CAN
Complete with control cable and
mounting hardware.
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Skis can be purchased assembled or as a kit. They are available with or without wheels. Wheels on skis are for aircraft taxiing ONLY. For pricing contact us
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For the fuselage, tail and wing sections.
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Ultralight Products

Intercoms Headsets Helmets


Brakes Wheels Tires Axles


Wing Tip Strobe Lights Hot Box


aluminum fuel tanks

ceramic exhaust coatings

electric fuel pump

battery stand

fiberglass wing tips

wood and composite propellers

throttle quadrants


drain grommets

prop spinner